Thursday, 9 May 2013

Happy me

A year ago tomorrow, I posted my first blog post on on Simply&Sincerely Food. In fact, it was my first post on any blog. It all started as a deal at a party (Lyndon, you still owe me your first blog post) and I really didn't have many expectations about it at all. I just wanted to cook, to take photo's and to maybe inspire a couple of people if I was lucky.
But oh how our lives can change in just 365 little days...From small beginnings, this little blog has been my salvation and creative outlet. It has given me a voice, even if it's soft at times. But most importantly, it's given me the inspiration to follow my passions, wherever this may lead me. The road's slightly bumpy at the moment, but I know it's taking me in the right direction, and that's all that matters.

As I turn one, what I really want to do is thank the people who've encouraged and helped me along the way...Lyndon (if it wasn't for you this blog probably wouldn't be in existence), Ed (for letting me constantly call on you for favours in return for food, and being my Producer, Photographer and IT support all in one), all the lovely people who've guest blogged for me (you know who you are...) and of course everyone who's read, shared, liked, followed or told me how much they like the blog. I still get a big thrill out of it each time.

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