Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Toriciya Restaurant: That's it! I'm moving to Japan - By James L

As many people know, there is an abundant amount of Japanese restaurants in Sydney and all are pretty good, the level of quality is all high. But when you come across one that really stands out you know you're onto a winner. I visited Toriciya in Cammeray the other week for a friends birthday, and to put it quite simply - insert - *Homer Simpson drool*.

Toriciya was the first authentic Yakitori restaurant in Sydney and also has a vast array of premium sake's. It is a small-ish restaurant decked out in very traditional Japanese style and the service was amazing.

So onto the important stuff, the food! We basically ordered a heap of food, it was all shared and it kind've resembled a japanese tapas as we kept eating bits and pieces and drank. The first dish, was raw prawns, and OMG! It was so sweet, i could literally eat a bucket of it. They ask you to rip off the head and keep it separately as they use the head to flavour the miso soup later, a great idea!
Next we had some sashimi and another dish but i forgot the name of the fish. It was like kingfish with a lime ponzu type of sauce alongside it, probably my second favourite of the night.

Now to my favourite, the kingfish belly nigiri sushi. I am literally salivating while I type this. This was probably one of the best sushi's i have ever eaten. The rice literally melted in your mouth and the fish was so sweet and fresh. I could eat at least 100 of these and still want more.

The food just kept coming, yokitori which included chicken skin, chicken thing, chicken wings and some giblets which were... interesting, cabbage with a truffle type of sauce, the miso soup which was amazing with the prawn flavour and some noodles.

All in all a great place to eat, its very relaxed and chilled out. I would definitely go again! I will probably just order 50 kingfish belly sushi's next time though.

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