Thursday, 21 March 2013

Coffee Course: Be your own personal barista - By Lyndon M

Last weekend I became a qualified Barista!

To me, nothing compliments a great breakfast better than a great coffee. I have always wanted to understand what it takes to brew a great coffee, so last weekend I undertook a barista course and became a qualified barista.

With the ever increasing cafe culture in Australia & and so many people buying their own machines, the course is perfect for those wanting to learn more about coffee, or for those wanting to get a job in hospitality. Travelling through Europe has exposed me to some great coffee experiences, but coffee served up in Australia is certainly up there with the best, and now I know it's because of courses like this. It was awesome.

With no prior experience, you will leave knowing how to

  • Froth milk
  • Make espresso
  • Make all of the coffees that you would find in a cafĂ©
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine

The most interesting things I learnt on my course:

There are so many variables to control and get perfect to ensure a great tasting Aromatic coffee is served up all the time.

  • How course/fine you ground the beans will make or break the coffee
  • The level of grind needs to be adjusted throughout the day as temperature and humidity can impact 
  • For those of you storing beans, make sure you store them in a vacuum container 
  • Invest in a thermometer to make sure your milk temperature is spot on! 
  • Coffee Art is hard! Wow, I have a completely new appreciation now when a coffee arrives at my table with pattern from the coffee creama and milk. 
  • A great cafe will usually waste up to 5 coffees just to get the machine all in order before delivering the first coffee to a customer 
The course was great, and now I feel confident enough to get behind a machine in a real cafe!

The hardest part of the course? Tipping all those freshly brewed coffees down the sink :( you just can't drink them all!

I'm now researching Coffee machine's to purchase so I can perfect my newly acquired skills.


I did my course through the Australian Barista School

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