Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Belated compliments to the chef - by Natalie U

I'm no cook, so writing a blog was a challenge. But when I started to think about the foods I love, I started to remember the delicious meals my mum would tenderly make for us when I was younger. Only now 30 years on do I realise the love and devotion she put into making our meals... And the ignorant and ungrateful child I was.

So this blog is dedicated to my fantastic mum... And it's a blog to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I never said thank you. Thank you for the amazing lebanese inspired food you would cook, from scratch. Like hummus, tabbouleh, lentil soup and my favourite mloukhieh.

Sorry that when ever you did prepare meals for me and my friends, meals you meticulously spent all day doing, I was embarrassed! Embarrassed of the delectably flavoured ethnic food I crave now. Sorry i was A silly girl trying to fit in with new British school friends, who demanded fish fingers and baked beans instead. 

I'm sorry that every time you tried to teach me a dish, or my cultural background I wasn't interested, trying to find excuses to get away. Worst of all I'm sorry that now I live in Australia and you in the UK, we're so far apart I can't hug you and say I love you and thank you!

Thank you for opening my pallet my eyes and ideas to new foods and cultures. Ok I can't cook but I can discover and enjoy every type of food thanks to you.

I love you mum!!

- Nat is guest blogging while Liss recovers from jetlag

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