Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! - By James L

Chinese New Year! One of my favourite times of the year. Why? 2 reasons. Money and Food! I get given red pockets filled with cash from elders simply for being born and it is also 2 weeks of constant gorging.
For almost 20 years my family and i have been going to this Malaysian restaurant in Parramatta called Temasek, arguably one of the better, if not the best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney. What is so special about this place and why over CNY? The food is awesome, they make pretty much everything from scratch and over CNY they do the ABSOLUTE BEST tradition Malaysian CNY dish called "Yee Sang" or raw fish. Simply it is a raw fish salad with tonnes of ingredients with a tangy, sweet, sesame seed type of sauce. It is absolutely AMAZEBALLS! I literally eat this 6 times out of the 14 days it is available.

What happens is the dish comes out to the table and the waiters pour the sauce, fish, sesame seeds and crunchy stuff aka deep fried wonton skins and it is a custom for everyone at the table to use their chopsticks and help stir it all up. Then dig in. It is refreshing, yet full of flavour and moorish. Me and my group of mates have also been coming here for nearly 7 years, maybe 8 now, so it has also become a tradition with them. You just need to try it, but it is only available during CNY, which sucks cause i would eat this at least once a week.

We usually also order other dishes as well such as Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Sambal Kankong, Sambal Egglant, Lemongrass Pork, Squid, Hainan Chicken etc. But the salad is the star of the show. Remember during CNY you must also order a type of noodle as this represents longevity, some superstitious Asian thing haha.

Friday the 22nd February was my 6th time visiting this CNY. Maybe I should try and sneak a 7th before CNY is over lol.

- James is guest blogging as Alissa is busy finding out that not everything tastes better frozen

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