Monday, 14 January 2013

Beautiful Food Video's

I've just come home from seeing the Life of Pi and was amazed by the beautiful imagery: the water reflections, the glowing jelly fish, the tiger. Amazing. So well directed and produced. So I thought today I'd share some beautiful food video's. After all, you eat with your eyes as well.

This video has me a bit mesmerised. Yes, it's for a brand, but it's still wonderfully executed. Check out the other video's on the channel too.

I love the props they use in this one (although I was a little disappointed by the use of vanilla essence, not extract).

Just sweet and simple.

This one just kind of tugged at my heart strings. Yes, I'm a big softy. Even Bondi Vet makes me cry.

Slightly dodgily made, but can't go past a ninja video.

Cute, and the way the supers are done is a lovely touch.

So hopefully this is a little bit of inspiration to help get you through a Monday.

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