Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Chrismukkah!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays! Whatever it is you're celebrating (even if it's just having a break from work) I hope everyone's having a fantastic time filled with food, fun and family (whether they are the family you're born with or the family you pick). This time of year for me is a bit of a mash up of traditions, my family traditions, my extended family traditions and the newer traditions with my friends that have been born out of a sprinkling of chance.

I think I've mentioned to you guys before that I've been doing hot pot with my friends for years. That is, whenever we have dinner parties, everyone pitches in and brings a dish, so not to be confused with the Chinese dish. When we first started it was very planned and organised, we'd pick a theme and vote on the best dish. When it came to my turn to hold my first hot pot it was Christmas time, so my theme was naturally Chrismukkah. Makes sense right? We got to have a great Christmas or Chanukah dinner with our friends, and I got to cook a turkey for the first time. Over the years, hot pot has become a lot more random and relaxed, but the one that we always do is Chrismukkah and this year was no exception. We did have two extra peeps at the table as Arielle and Andy were in town, which made it a little more squashy, but the lack of room was worth it.

But what was the food like? Fantastic as usual. Sarah started us off with yummy cheese, olives and prosciutto, Daniela cooked delicious roast lamb, Chris made beautiful baked snapper with Christmas stuffing (definitely one I'm going to try out), Arielle made a lovely light Ottolenghi pumpkin salad, Nicole whipped up a mouthwatering array of baked veggies, I made Apple and Apricot Pork Roast that I found on my new favourite online magazine, Sweet Paul, and Jenni out-did herself with desert yet again and made a croquembouche. 
BTW, I'd like to claim that I beautifully stuffed and tied the roast pork, but I'm afraid I can't. My fantastic local butcher, Rea's Family Butcher in Lane Cove, did it for me, and did an amazing job. The roast would have looked a lot less pretty if I did it!

As for my slightly crazy family, what do we do? Well, every year we go to my uncles house for Christmas Day lunch and stuff ourselves silly and get entertained by my two scrumptious nephews and to a certain extent my brother in law too. Yes, that's him in his new onesie making silly faces. My uncle cooks the turkey and roast veggies, my cousin cooks the cake, and me, well, for once I don't cook anything. Although I did bring along some home made mango chutney to go with the cheese. Notice the black stuff under the turkey skin BTW. Truffle. Yum. What an amazing way to cook a turkey. 
I'll leave you today with a picture of one of my super cute nephews just after he had his first Christmas lunch. Yes, that's beetroot all over his face. How adorable!! 

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