Tuesday, 20 November 2012

MMMMeat free Monday

At work, there are constantly video's and links emailed around. Some funny, some for charity, some just because. More often than not, work is frantic so I barely even have time to click on the link and load the email. The rest of the time I usually have a quick watch, maybe a quick laugh and then promptly forget what I've just watched.

The other day, one of my friends at work sent around an email titled "Meat free Monday". I was like, pffft, as if, not even going to bother opening that one (sorry Anna!!), I can't go without meat for a whole day. But then there were a few emails back and forth, people jumping on the band wagon, so my interest got peaked a little. It did help that Anna said that the video almost made her cry (sorry again Anna) so I figured it was worth a peak.

And here's what I found...Don't get turned off by the first few minutes (yes, there are singing animals but they are surprisingly well done). Watch it through, it's worth it.
Now, I'm not one for thinking I can change the world all on my lonesome, or getting super involved in movements of one form or another, or trying to convince everyone around me to change the world, but this felt different. This felt important. Right. Maybe it was the personification of the animals, maybe it was the juxtaposition of the piggies with our pets or the sad look in their eyes. Or maybe its just me, the person who cries in Bondi Vet. 

But I think the question they raise is an important one, one for all of us to consider. How could a compassionate society ever let this continue? How can the law let this happen? How are we comfortable letting a living being live, or really just survive, in such a cruel way? Just because it's not a dog or a cat that we remember playing with as a child, doesn't make it right. It's still a living being that deserves basic rights. 

So, meat free Monday was born and taken up by Anna, Neil, Em and myself. And yesterday was our first Monday. The amazing Anna texted us to remind us, which is a good thing otherwise there was no way I would have remembered. And all went to plan...

I don't expect that this blog post is going to change the world, or convince everyone I know to completely change their attitudes and shopping practices. All that I hope that it does is make you guys think. Think about the meat you're buying. Is it free range? Is it factory farmed? Is it from a source that you know is cruelty free? Yes, it might cost a little more, but the more people that insist supermarkets stock free range meat, the cheaper it will become. You know I always go on about free range organic eggs, so why not meat too.

That's it, rant over. I hope this has given you something to think about, if nothing less. Will you join us for meat free Monday?? I hope so!

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  1. Yay! I've been doing meat free every day now for over a year. It's hard opening your eyes to what goes on out there, and it's much easier to pretend the stuff you buy at the supermarket didn't have a loving soul or kind, sensitive eyes, but once you start opening them it's really hard to shut them again. It all starts with small steps so good on you guys. xo