Thursday, 1 November 2012 first world solution

First world problem: My sister, Arielle, was going to have to travel from London by herself with her two bubbies because her hubbie was coming to Australia a few weeks later.

First world solution: Send Alissa to go pick her up from Hong Kong and send her a few days early, just to be extra sure it's a good solution.

Crab from the seafood restaurants at the end of Temple Street Night Market. THE most amazing crab I've ever had.
That's right, my recent trip to Hong Kong was technically to go pick Arielle, Oscar and Zac up and bring her home because her lovely husband couldn't come for the whole three months. In reality, it turned into another food fest where I searched out recommended fantastic restaurants. Leading up the the trip I actually wasn't that excited about the trip. Hong Kong just wasn't one of those places that was on 'the list' for me, but as soon as I got there I loved it. The light. The sounds. The smells (although not always pleasant. The vibe. The FOOD. Everything. 
I took a heap of pictures, so I wanted to share some of my fav's with you, especially my favourite food. There are HEAPS more, didn't want to put too many on my post, but if you want to see some more, check out the one's I've added to facebook here.
My first proper meal in Hong Kong - Wontons  
Rows and rows of yummy crabs for sale on the street 
Yes, that is a pig's face. Meats on the street.
Seafood restaurants at the end of the Temple Street Night Markets. Locals are there, so I knew it would be a good place to eat! And I was right...
Portuguese Egg Tarts fresh each morning on the street I was staying
Chopping meat ciggie in mouth. Not quite the same standards as home

BBQ Pork Buns from the Michelin rated yum cha/hole in the wall. Worth every second of the hour long wait to get in. 

Good crab from Under Bridge Spicy Crab Restaurant (but not as good as the night market ones) 
Mango Pomelo & Sweet Sago Soup - as recommended by Keong

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