Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Food Memories and MasterChef Live

I walked into Russkis Deli in Bondi on Sunday and so many food memories came flooding back...Blini's and pickles and Pelmeni. Oh my! So much Russian food from my childhood. I might not immerse myself in Russian culture that much, and I might only know one phrase in Russian ("Can I have some ice-cream", as taught to me by my late grandfather), but there was still something so comforting walking into that store being surrounded by food and sights and sounds that feel ingrained in me. And I guess they kind of are given I'm half Russian. Anyway, I promptly spent $100 on food and can't wait to try the pickles. But that will have to wait until I'm back from Hong Kong next week (did I mentioned I'm going to Hong Kong...restaurant recommendations needed please!!!).

But last weekend was a bit more exciting than a potential good pelmeni find. Last weekend my flatmate, Ange, and I trekked off to MasterChef Live for some Celebrity Chef stalking. Yes, we were the people there getting pictures with the MasterChef contestants...but it was a good laugh.

So who did we see... For once Ange and I got our asses into gear early and started with a cooking demo from Ben. As they say, the early bird catches the worm, or in our case a delicious meatball slider. Spicy but yummy! Perfect breakfast for a day filled with food.

Then of course there were the obligatory shots...I felt kinda short!

After Ben's demonstration, we ran into Dani, so more photos. Dani was absolutely lovely. Although ironically, she was chasing down Kylie Kwong for an autograph, on a day when the masses were there to get a photo and an autograph from her. Super cute top Dani!

After that, Ange and I went an did a cooking class, although we didn't get to do much cooking really. Just mixing and putting batter on a stove. But given we got to eat pancakes, there were certainly no complaints coming from either of us.

Next on the day's agenda was the Mystery Box theatre where we watched host of fantastic chefs cook, MCed by the lovely Justine. Adriano Zumbo, Shaun Presland, Ben and Andy. 

Now one of my reasons for going to the event may be been that I suspected some of the food trucks would be there, and I wasn't disappointed. Eat.Art.Truck, Tsuru, Veggie Patch and Agape were all there. So of course, Ange and I had to try something from each of the trucks. Well, not Eat.Art given I've already eaten from there a few times and I had to save room for the samples at the stalls. 

We had one more demonstration booked in for the day. Kylie and Mindi showing us how to cook donuts. I've never tried to cook donuts before. The thought of all that oil freaks me out a little, but strangely enough only when I have to cook with that much oil at home. If someone else cooks it for me, no problem at all. Kylie was also super lovely, we had a bit of a chat about MasterChef. My lovely flatmate even offered me as someone to go up and help make the donuts. Isn't she nice!!

So childish celebrity spotting excitement aside, it was a fun day. Some fantastic food, some interesting demonstrations and some lovely MasterChef contestants who all seemed so down to earth and friendly, even though by the end of it I'm sure they were sick of having photo's with strangers. 

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