Friday, 13 July 2012

An eating tour of New York: Part 2

Day one in NY was filled with food, which was amazing, so day two I decided to add a sprinkling of culture and a good dose of friends. So after breakfast, I took myself off to the Met to see the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibition which was an amazing comparisons of the two designers. Apart from that, I was actually a little disappointed with the rest of the Met. So to cheer myself up, I decided to have a proper NY pretzel which of course was exactly what I needed. So much salt, but so good.
The rest of the after noon and late into the night was spend catching up with old friends that had moved to NY along with a few too many drinks.

Day three was back to being all about food and shopping, two things I'm good at. Jodi, Tam, Jo and I started the day (a little late and a little worse for ware) with brunch at Joseph Leonard, a really lovely little restaurant in the West Village. Good coffee, fresh orange juice and a good dose of grease was exactly what the four of us needed. The guy who owns Joseph Leonard actually owns quite a few places within a few minutes walk of each other including Jeffrey's Grocery the theory being I think that if one place runs out of something they can borrow from the other.

Dinner was in a completely different end of town at a little Italian place called Bacaro in China Town. The recommendation came from a friend, Adrian and it was a great recommendation. I didn't consult the map when I booked it, so it was a bit of a trek, but it was definitely worth the trip. From the outside, the place seems small and relatively empty, but after a drink at the bar we walked downstairs to find a lovely, intimate restaurant that was bustling and had a lovely vibe. The food was rich but delicious. Between the meat and cheese platter, duck ragu, prawn (or shrimp as the Americans like to call it) and polenta and panna cotta we all walked out of there extremely full and extremely happy. And it wasn't expensive, which was great.

Day four, or Sunday morning, we all needed to sleep in after a good few days of eating way too much. So breakfast consisted of some fruit (we'd been eating wayyyy to much meat recently) and goodies from momo fuku, after all, it had been like a whole day since I'd eaten anything from there. But this time I tried something new...bagel bombs. Amazing. Basically, they are bagel dough cooked in a ball but filled with delicious bacon, scallions and cream cheese. Perfect for a late Sunday morning breakfast.

After an afternoon row in central park, the four of us made our way out to Williamsburg to go to Fetta Sau, an old school American BBQ place where you essentially eat your weight in meat off a tray. The four of us girls got thought a pound of pulled pork (OH. MY. GOD!), almost a pound of brisket, some sausages plus a little bit of sauerkraut and pickles (needed some veggies after all). Oh, plus some bread rolls. I think this meal was probably my favourite meal in New York. The food was mouth wateringly good (I'm salivating even as I type) and the place was un-pretentious. The pulled pork just melts in your mouth. We had to go early to skip the cue, but it was worth it and I would go again in a heart beat. If you're ever in New York, you HAVE TO GO THERE!

After we filled up on meat, we decided we needed a few drinks to wash it all down. And of course, after a few drinks we needed some more food...especially when we came across the The Meatball Shop so we couldn't go past that opportunity. And it's a good thing we didn't, as they were delectable. Meaty goodness with a white source. The only bad thing was that we didn't get enough. 

So with only two more days left in NY, there's still plenty more eating left to do, and even some more shopping maybe. But for tonight, that's all I have time to write I'm afraid. 

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