Friday, 6 July 2012

An eating tour of New York: Part 1

There's no end of things to do in New York, and I definitely packed a lot into my week there. But there was one thing that I certainly did a lot of, and that's eat. Not that visiting lots of nice places to eat is a chore, but it was also lovely that I had Jodi, a willing friend and foodie to help me explore the delicious eateries.

I arrived in NY with a slightly overambitious list of places to try (in fact, I think the list was longer that the number of meals I had in the city), but I was determined to get through as many as possible, and I think I did pretty well. In fact, I think I did so well, I can't talk about all of the places today, some will need to wait until next week.

The first place I ticked off my list was the Momofuku milk bar. There happened to be one just around the corner from where I was staying, which was perfect because it meant I could go back plenty of times to try out almost everything on the menu. In fact, my first day in NY, I went there twice. Once to try a coffee and the crack pie, and once to try the hugely famous pork bun. The crack pie was delicious, although maybe a little sweet for me, and probably not the best breakfast in the world...but still a great start to the eating trip.

The pork bun though, was amazing. Much bigger than I expected, and certainly not one to eat with a knife and fork. It was filled with mouth watering pork and topped with cucumbers. The combination of the soft bun, tender port and slightly crunch cucumber is just perfect. I kind of wish I had one now. 

Next I made my way up to Zabar's, which also happened to be in the area that I was staying. Whenever I travel, I love to wonder through grocery stores, and this one is particularly fascinating with lots of traditional jewish food that brings back plenty of memories for me. I couldn't leave without picking up some blintzes and matzah ball's with soup to go. I knew at some point I'd have a chance to eat them. Although I have to say, I was fascinated by the amount of non-kosher food there. I even noticed some pulled pork sauce. But who am I to talk...I'd just eaten a pork bun.

The last stop of the food journey for day one in NY was Redfarm with Jodi (who I was staying with). A few of my friends had insisted it was amazing, so I definitely wasn't going to miss out on it. We started the mean with Pacman dumplings and a Pastrami egg roll. How cute are the Pacman dumplings?! 

Then we had an amazing seafood dish with a delicate broth, and the Short Ribs.

And of course, we had a cocktail or two on the side to celebrate. 

So that was day one...and that's all I have time to write about today. But don't worry, there's plenty more eating in NY to come, but it will have to wait until next time. 

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