Monday, 30 July 2012

An eating tour of NY: Part 3

With my post holiday glow slowly fading, and reality starting to set in, I thought I'd write about my last couple of days in NY in a last ditch effort to help extend that holiday feeling.

With two days left in NY, and a lot still on my list, I was determined to make the most of my time. Monday started with another food journey, but this time it was Tam's. She was craving Potbelly and it conveniently worked well with my plan to go to Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Centre, so off we trekked.

Now I've never heard of Potbelly, but it's a favourite of Tam's, and now I know why. It's essentially big subs. Tam had the pork something and I had meatballs with the lot, which had a creamy meatball sauce and tangy jalapenos. Given we'd had a few drinks the night before, these totally hit the spot.

After satisfying Tam's craving, we hopped in the line for Top of the Rock for our culture hit for the day. It was a beautiful day, so the view was clear, and we could see pretty much all of New York laid out at our feet. Pretty special experience, especially with the slightly over friendly security guard who was trying to encourage a Marilyn Monroe moment with Tam and her dress.
 Whenever I go travelling, I always love to go into a local grocery store. A bit strange, I know, but I love seeing the countries different food. Strange lollies and sauces. Over the top cereals. I find if fascinating. Now Eataly in NY is nothing like a normal grocery store, but if you're a foodie, it's a definite must do. And who could disagree with it's philosophy?!?

It's essentially a big, store filled with beautiful Italian produce with a restaurant in the middle of it, but it's beautiful and nothing like you're average grocery store. It has the best products divided into sections, so there's a deli, a cheese section, a cake section, a chocolate section, a butcher, a pasta section etc. There's also a bar upstairs which I didn't get to, but it's supposed to be fantastic. It's a little expensive, but if you're anything like me, you could spends ages just wondering around.

Now, for my last night in NY there was a big decision to be made. Where to go for dinner. Jodes and I decided that we'd have Mexican because, lets face it, the Mexican in Australia is pretty sub-par. So we put our names on the list for her favourite Mexican place, and then went for a drink to wait for our table. 
Girls being girls though, and because we got sick of waiting, we changed our minds and headed for Katz Deli. After all, it was on the list. If you haven't heard of it, Katz is a bit of a NY institution that's been around since 1888, and anything that's been around that long has to be good. 
It's known for it's Reuben and its Pastrami sandwiches which are HUGE. We had to order one of each, but there was no way we were finishing them off. 

Tuesday was my last day in NY, and I knew I'd be sad to go. If it wasn't for the fact that I had Arielle, Andy, Oscar and baby Zac in London waiting, I would have been tempted to stay longer. But I couldn't, and I still had a few things I wanted to do on my last day.

I started with one final trip to momo fuku for a coffee and one last bagel bomb. After all, they are amazing. 

I then headed to MOMA and wondered around the museum for a few hours. It's a beautifully designed building, perfect for just wondering through. And the garden out the back is really tranquil with an interesting juxtaposition between the modern garden and the older buildings that surround it. If feels like you're enclosed in a separate world. 

After MOMA, I had time to tick one more food experience off my list before I had to head to the airport. Luke's Lobster. Not really a NY thing, but still something that a lot of people told me I needed to do. 
I had the traditional lobster roll, which was so bad but soooo good. It's a whole lobster tail on a white roll with lots of butter and lots of garlic. Perfect just before getting on a plane for 8hrs! 

After that, all that there was time left to do was finish packing and say goodbye to Jodes. And that was the end of my food adventure in NY. I had such an amazing time exploring the city, eating till I burst and catching up with friends. Could I move there? Definitely! Will I? Who knows. 

Either way, I'll be back for more amazing food and great friends as soon as I possibly can. 


  1. I've got to have me some of that lobster roll. Wish you'd never shown me that! :)

    1. I'll tell you what Eddie...when you get home, you buy the lobster, I cook it for us!