Monday, 4 June 2012

Kitchen Tips to start the week off

I was struggling a bit for inspiration for today’s blog post….I hadn’t gone to any nice restaurants this week, and although there were some recipes I want to share there was nothing I was quite ready with yet. So I thought I’d do something different…I thought I’d share a few tips that help me out in the kitchen.

  1. Always read the whole recipe before you decide to cook it. Even as recently as last week I didn’t do that, only to find out that I had planned to cook a recipe that needed 30mins of simmering and 60mins of baking on a Wednesday night. I cooked it and it was delicious, but I have to say kind of exhausting on a Wednesday night. Apart from timing, watch out for marinating time, refrigerating and any pans or tools you might need that you don’t have. I distinctly remember a flourless chocolate cake disaster because of a lack of scales and a dish to create a bain marie that ended in tears.
  2. Make to the recipe first time around. I’m a bit of a stickler for this one when I cook, especially when I’m cooking from a well known chef. There’s a reason they cooked it the way they did, and used those ingredients so trust them. Once you know how it tastes and the process to cook it, then give it your own touch.
  3. Eggs, room temperature or cold? I recently learnt that it's easier to separate eggs when they are cold, but most recipes call for room temperature eggs. So I separate them if I need to as soon as I get them out of the fridge, and then let them warm up to room temperature. Room temperature eggs crack less and beat or whip better. 
So that's it from me today. Hopefully just one of my tips can help you avoid a sticky situation, even just once. 


  1. Thanks Liss, these are great tips :)

    1. Thanks Jess!! I still forget them sometimes and then something happens to remind myself. Have you got any?