Monday, 18 June 2012

Is butter considered dairy. Apparently it is...

So, this morning, I proudly marched into work, Lemon Polenta cake for Sophie in hand (well what was left of it after I did a very important taste test) and left it on Sophie’s desk as a lovely surprise for her.

She was SO excited when she saw it, and even more excited to find out that she could eat it all. That was, until we realised there was butter in it. Now, maybe I’m blissfully ignorant, or maybe I’m in denial, but I just never think of butter as dairy. Clearly I know that butter is made from cream, but for some reason when it come to defining butter, I never put it in the dairy category. Stupid, I know. So…this is a warning out there to those who don’t consciously realise that butter is dairy cos it is. Next time the plan is to use Nutlex instead. 

Anyway, luckily Soph can ‘tolerate’ a bit of dairy, so she had a little bit at a time and loved it. She said it was really (I hate this word...) moist which is often a problem in gluten free food. It’s usually very dry. I think the trick with this cake is that you add some of the liquid early on, but then you add the rest at the end after its cooked, so none of that delicious moisture is baked away.

So hopefully, despite my hiccup, this has inspired you guys to not be afraid of cooking something for someone with allergies.


  1. I did the exact same thing once! I made a sweet potato and date cake for a friend and another friend of hers asked me if there was dairy in the cake. I ran through the list of ingredients in my head: butter, sweet potato, flour, dates, etc, etc.....Nope, no dairy, I said......!!

    1. It's amazing how little we think about the ingredients we use every day. I feel the same about chocolate...surely it isn't dairy!