Thursday, 10 May 2012

Easy Mothers Day recipe to spoil your mum

Out of everyone in the family, my mum’s the least ‘foodie’. She eats to live, whereas the rest of us live to eat. But now that my sister, Arielle, and I don’t live at home any more, she’s also the one that does all the cooking. So for mothers day, we don’t do the breakfast in bed thing any more, we do dinner. Because someone else cooking dinner for her is something she enjoys. Even better if it’s not at her house so there’s no cleaning up to do. 

So this mothers day, mum and dad are coming over for dinner. Arielle and her family live in London, so they will be there in spirit. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to cook for mains, but for desert I thought I’d pull out an oldie but a goodie, rhubarb fool with lemongrass. It can be made early, which takes a bit of the pressure off. It’s also not super-sweet, so if you’re mum’s like mine and has a spoonful of your desert rather than her own, its perfect. 

Ingredients, serves 4
700g rhubarb
2 lemongrass stalks
100ml water
140g unrefined organic sugar (or just normal sugar if you want)
110g icing sugar
150ml crème fraiche (LOVE this stuff. So glad it finally made it to Australia)
150ml mascarpone
1 little bit of white chocolate, for decoration

First you need to wash and trim the 700g rhubarb, but don’t peel it. Cut it into even chunks, about 3cms long. Then, chop up the 2 lemongrass stalks as small as possible. When you think its fine enough, cut it up smaller. You want it almost like powder so it mixes through the rhubarb, and when you’re eating it, you’re not getting chunks of lemongrass. It will smell AMAZING!

Put the rhubarb, lemongrass, 100ml water and 140g organic sugar into a pan. Cover and simmer it until the rhubarb softens, and almost falls apart when you poke it. This takes 10 – 15minutes. Once it’s done, strain the rhubarb mixture, and then allow it to cool completely.

Sift the 110g icing sugar, which is always a pain. Good tip with icing sugar is always to buy as close to the amount that you need in a recipe, don’t store it like you do with flour. The longer it’s stored, the lumpier it is and the harder it is to sift. The fresher the icing sugar the better! Whisk together the icing sugar and 150ml mascarpone. Then fold in the 150ml crème fraiche and half the cooled rhubarb.

Divide the plain rhubarb into four dishes. I like to use some type of interesting glass. Then spoon the mascarpone mixture on top of the rhubarb. Clean up the glasses a bit if you’re anything like me and make a bit of a mess. Then top with some chocolate shavings. You can either use a grater, or scrape a knife along the block to make shavings. It’s hard to describe, but basically but the block of chocolate on the bench, bumpy side down. Lean against the edge of the bench, and press one end of the chocolate against you. Put your knife flat on the flat of the chocolate and scrape towards you. Does that make sense?

Anyway, then all you need to do is pop it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it. Maybe take it out a little early so its not fridge cold. Then enjoy!

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