Sunday, 20 May 2012

Courses Galore...

For the first time that I can remember (apart from school and uni of course), I’ve spend the past few months doing courses. Maybe it’s a bit lame, but I don’t care, I’m loving it. I’ve got no more left and I’m a little upset. So far, I’ve done a 5 week photography course at ACP which was awesome, a half day knife skills course which I learnt heaps from and a gnocchi making course which was delicious (both from The Essential Ingredient). As I knew that I wanted to make the photo's here good (or at least reasonable) the last course I did was a food photography class again at The Essential Ingredient.

So what did I learn? I learnt that the shot’s not just about the food, it’s about the story that you want to tell. 

I learnt that you don’t need to overcomplicate the lighting, one good light source (that’s not too harsh) with a card to bounce light is all you really need. I learnt to cook the food on a high heat to colour it, but undercook it otherwise it would look overcooked and old. I learnt be prepared, very prepared, leave the cooking to the very last minute and the saucing the very last second. 

And I learnt that when shooting a step by step, to set up the shot for the most amount of room you’ll need in the shot. Just a few little tips to take in in 3hrs. Still a lot to learn, but baby steps. Now I’m excited to put these tips into practice…so what to cook...hmmm. Any suggestions?

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